New ASU faculty hired for China program are welcomed by the Center

School of Community Resources and Development

August 23, 2019 - Five new tourism faculty, including an Assistant Dean, Assistant Professor, and Lecturers, are joining ASU’s School of Community Resources and Development and Center for Sustainable Tourism.  These accomplished international scholars include:  Erwei Dong, Yunseon Choe, Robert Capistrano, Junyu Lu, and John Heather.  They will join Xiao Xiao and Meghan Muldoon who joined ASU in 2018-2019.  They all reside in Haikou, Hainan Province China, and teach and conduct research with Hainan University faculty at the new Hainan Arizona International Tourism College (HAITC). 

These faculty are welcoming their third class of freshman who will join cohorts of sophomores and juniors.  Kathy Andereck is Vice-Dean.  As the teaching program gains maturity, the research program is beginning to launch.  Vogt met with acting director Xiaoxi Ju during her recent visit to Phoenix to discuss center administration and possible joint research projects.