Academic forms

SCRD Standards Petition

  • Waiver of GPA for department [CRD, TDM, CSM, NLM, PRM] courses
  • Request to change major electives
  • Request for concurrent enrollment of prerequsite 
  • Grade Grievance 

 Incomplete Form for Graduate & Undergraduate 

  • A mark of "I" (incomplete) is given by the instructor when you are otherwise doing acceptable work but are unable to complete the course because of illness or other conditions beyond your control. You are required to arrange with the instructor for the completion of the course requirements.
  • Do not re-register or pay fees to complete the course. 
  • The completion date is determined by the instructor but may not exceed one calendar year from the date the mark of “I” is recorded. When you complete the course, the instructor must submit an online grade change request. 
  • If you receive an "I" in an undergraduate course your grade will be automatically changed to a failing grade "E" if you do not complete the course within one calendar year. 
  • If you receive an "I" in a graduate course (500-level or above) your "I" grade will become a permanent part of your transcript if you do not complete the course within one year, and you will have to reregister and pay fees to repeat the course for credit.


Undergraduate Certificate Forms


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Convention Sales and Meeting Planning

Certified Nonprofit Professional application

Special Events Management Certificate


Graduate Forms