Community partners

The School of Community Resources and Development has an expansive network of community partners that contribute to the education and success or our students. 

These partners make it possible for our students to graduate with a full working knowledge of the industry they are entering, through our unique internship program, as well as through multiple volunteer and partnering opportunities that these organizations provide.

In addition, many of our partners contribute to the School’s success through the financial and collaborative support they provide to both the School, as well as our Research Centers. 

However they participate, our Community Partners are a huge part of the reason the School of Community Resources and Development is able to provide the experience-rich curriculum that makes our students so successful when they reach the professional world.

SCRD houses the majors of Community Sports Management, Nonprofit Leadership and Management; Parks and Recreation Management (and Therapeutic Recreation concentration); and Tourism Development and Management (and Resort & Accommodation concentration and Sustainable Tourism concentration).  Students within all SCRD majors must complete career field exploration hours in the semesters prior to internship, which is their final semester requirement. Career Field Exploration (CFE) hours are comprised of at least 100 hours of work experiences, either paid or volunteer, that align with the student’s degree program and future goals. 

The Senior Internship, which is during the final semester  or year for students, allows students to put theory into practice. There are a variety of options the student and organizaiton can work with.