Career field exploration directions

All students are required to complete 200 hours of Career Field Exploration hours prior to their final semester of their senior year.


The purpose of Career Field Exploration is to allow the student to develop an understanding of professional agency operations, provide the opportunity to explore his/her career interests, and to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be a competitive candidate for Senior Internship and post graduation positions.


Prior to enrolling in PRM/TDM/NLN/CSM/PRM-TR/CNP 463 Senior Internship, all SCRD students are required to complete a total of 200 hours of paid or volunteer CFE experiences. Please Click FileHERE for a List of the Core Competencies

 Career Field Exploration Guidelines  

  1. An experience must be a minimum of 25 hours with one professional agency.
  2. A single experience can be a maximum of 50 hours with any one professional agency.
  3. A student may submit a maximum of 100 hours with one agency if the experience is in two separate positions (i.e. Hyatt Hotel, 50 hours front desk, 50 hours housekeeping).  This would then be submitted as two separate experiences.
  4. With prior approval by Manny Padia, an experience may be a maximum of 100 hours with one agency in a single position.  Prior approval is required and may not always be granted.
  5. Without the prior approval as identified in item 4, the minimum number of agency experiences required is 3.
  6. The experience must be with an established agency related to the students degree program or certificate, or a related degree program within the School of Community Resources and Development.  If the experience is not with an agency associated with his/her degree program or certificate, the core competencies developed must be associated with the student’s degree program.
  7. A student may gain a maximum of 25 CFE hours through an SCRD recognized student association if he/she holds an executive office (i.e. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.).   Fraternities and Sororities are not SCRD recognized student associations.
  8. Unless authorized by Manny Padia any experience that is a part of a course requirement cannot be used for CFE hours.  In other words, you cannot double dip.
Career Field Exploration Verification Process
  1. If the experience CLEARLY meets the Career Field Exploration Guidelines the student does not need pre-approval for CFE hours.
  2. If the experience does not CLEARLY fall within the Career Exploration Guidelines, it is recommended that the student get pre-approval to ensure the experience will count toward the 200 CFE hours requirement.
  3. Upon completion of the experience, the student should complete the CFE Hours Confirmation Form and have their agency supervisor, or designated representative, sign the form verifying the experience and the hours submitted.   The student is also required to sign the form.  With the exception of the signatures this form MUST BE TYPED. Please see example.
  4. The original form will be provided to Manny Padia for his initials as verification that the experience meets the Career Field Exploration Guidelines.  It is strongly suggested that the student make a copy of the signed original for Manny Padia's initials for their records.
  5. The original copy will become part of the student’s academic file.  It is strongly suggested that the student make a copy for their files.   There are over 500 SCRD majors and there is always the possibility that a form may be misfiled.
  6. It is also strongly suggested that the student submit the CFE Hours Confirmation Form when each experience is completed.  This will ensure the experience has been verified by Manny Padia and the student is able to track his/her progress towards completing the required 200 CFE hours.
  7. When the student is enrolled in CRD 403 (PRM 413 for TR Students), the forms will be pulled from the student’s file to assess student progress towards completing the required 200 CFE hours and being eligible to enroll in PRM/CSM/TDM/NLM 463 Senior Internship.