Internship documents & directions

Internship Options for In-Person Programs


  • Full Time - 12 credit internship 
    • Must be last semester of program.
    • Will be enrolled in NLM/PRM/CSM/TDM 463 for 12 credits
    • Full-time 40 hours a week for 12 weeks = 480 hours total.
    • No courses can be taken with Internship.
    • Recreational therapy students are required to complete a 12 credit internship the last semester of program and cannot select any below options. Full-time 40 hours a week for 14 weeks = 560 hours total.
  • Part Time - 6 credit Internship last two semesters completed over senior year
    •  Must be last 2 semesters of program
    • Will be enrolled in NLM/PRM/CSM/TDM 463 for 6 credits for two semesters consecutively
    • Part-time hours each semester = 240 each semester.
    • 2 non-core courses allowed each semester to accommodate for full time status but not required.
  • Part Time - 6 credit internship + 6 credits of non-core SCRD related courses
    • Must be last semester of program
    • Will be enrolled in NLM/PRM/CSM/TDM 463 for 6
    • Part-time hours each semester = 240 each semester.
    • 6 credits of non-core SCRD courses (NLM, PRM, CRD, CSM, TDM)  different than required credits built into major already. No double dipping,
  • Professional track
    • For those who have industry experience
    • Service learning experience or enrichment project at current place of employment 
    • Must be last semester of program
    • Enrolled in CRD 435 for 3 credits
    • Enrolled in 9 credits of SCRD classes (NLM, PRM, CRD, CSM, TDM) different than required credits in program. No double dipping,

Internship Deadlines:

Spring - December 19th

Summer - May 8th

Fall - August 12th 

Step 1 - Submit an Internship Application Proposal

Now that you have reviewed how to submit an application in CRD 403 - you need to submit the application

  • Once you submit your application a docusign will be emailed to you and your supervisor for signature. Just let your supervisor know they will be receiving an email requesting their electronic signature. It may go to junk/spam folder.  The Agency may require the packet be reviewed by their legal counsel and this can take some time so plan accordingly.  

Step 2 -  Sign Docusign Documents

  • An email with a link to complete the internship packet will be emailed to you to be signed by you and your supervisor. Double check your spam folders.
  • The quality of the internship – both the degree of professional experience gained by students and the quality of work they perform – is impacted by the plans made and recorded in the Internship packet.  This agreement provides the framework that ensures everyone is on the same page and working together as the student progresses toward completing the requirements needed for graduation
  • Core Competency Form -  We stress the progressive development of core competencies, which our faculty believe are common to all types of agencies associated with our majors. Core competencies are developed through course content (knowledge), and the knowledge applied (skill or ability) through course projects/assignments.   The form is included in the docusign and will be completed by the Agency Internship Supervisor.
  • Work Variance Form - Students who wish to complete an internship at the same location where they currently work must complete this form included in the docusign packet. The purpose of the form is to allow the student to demonstrate new responsibilities, projects, and or assignments that significantly differ from their current responsibilities.  

**Your DARS will be checked one last time to ensure all required coursework is complete. Please allow time for application to be reviewed. Once your internship is approved through step 1 and 2 we will enroll you into the TDM/NLM/CSM/PRM 463 or 484 Intership Course. You cannot register prior to approval.**