Center for Sustainable Tourism

Welcome to ASU’s Center for Sustainable Tourism,

We are eager to expand our work in sustainable tourism.  Sustainability can take on many meanings and applications.  Similar to the principles of park and resource conservation, we want to be known for tourism marketing, planning, development, and critical thinking that enhances our natural and cultural resources while instilling economic prosperity to local areas, for many future generations to enjoy and benefit from. 

Personally, I love to travel.  Trips to local destinations and to far away places like China, India, Vietnam, Australia, and Singapore are central to who I am.  I enjoy teaching students about tourism and research so that they see the potential of travel being life changing and the impact of information on community decision-making. Teaching and conducting research with students and community partners enables us to be the best professionals we can be.  Together we are enriching each other’s travel experiences and community vitality.  Sustainable tourism approaches will ensure that places remain welcoming to everyone and interesting to visit.

Christine Vogt Profile Picture
Christine A Vogt, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Sustainable Tourism 


ASU Center for Sustainable Tourism and project partners Bureau of Land Management, Montgomery Archaeological Consultants, Colorado Plateau Archaeological Alliance, and USU Eastern Prehis

January 25, 2018 - ASU's Center for Sustainable Tourism and Colorado-based Mountain Roots Consulting were selected by the Colorado Tourism Office in late 2017 to design and lead workshops and online toolkits to assist Colorado rural communities in