Center for Sustainable Tourism

Welcome to ASU’s Center for Sustainable Tourism

The Center for Sustainable Tourism (CST) at Arizona State University was established in 2015 to conduct research for communities who manage, market, and host visitors in an ever-changing tourism industry. 

In the past five years, students, faculty, and communities have worked together to gather data from visitors, residents, varied stakeholders and organizations, subscribers to media products, and even youth archaeologists, to be deliberate in decision making and create better, more sustainable tourism experiences. 

With the advent of the COVID-19, travelers, communities, and the overall industry have even a greater need to feel part of one of the best parts of living - to experience others through culture and nature in our local environs and far - away in an international destination. 

This website hosts the outcomes of those efforts by our team of tourism faculty, students of all levels, and research partners. We are active in sharing our findings and creating news that the tourism industry and communities can use.

The Center for Sustainable Tourism is proud to join the movement by the tourism industry and nonprofit organizations to transform the future of tourism with a new list of principles that can ensure that responsibility, sustainability, diversity, and diversification are all achieved in the future years. Please join us in signing on to the Guiding Principles for Tourism's New Future

We continue to be committed to the study of what sustainability and community engagement means for places and the tourism industry. If you or your organization share a similar mission, we’d love to hear from you.