Navajo Nation Visitor Study (2017-2018)

School of Community Resources and Development

The Center for Sustainable Tourism is collaborating with the Navajo Nation and the Arizona Office of Tourism on a study to better understand visitor experiences at cultural and historical sites on the Navajo Nation in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. This study will also estimate the economic impact of visitors to the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Tourism Department will use study findings to position it’s marketing and advertising efforts, demonstrate accountability to tribal government, and plan for future tourism promotion and product development. The study is funded by the Navajo Nation with matching funds from the Arizona Office of Tourism as part of their rural grant matching program. The CST team includes faculty Budruk, Buzinde, Vogt, Andereck and Timothy.      

A press release from (see link below to download) discusses key findings from the research and how this study will help to guide future tourism planning.