The CST seeks opportunities to work with agencies, municipalities, organizations, companies, and other partners to conduct informative research and develop strategic tourism plans, all with an orientation toward sustainability. Within the diverse members of our research team, our expertise and interests are broad but generally focused in the following areas. The list below, while not comprehensive, reflects the key themes of our current interests and endeavors.

Co-created Community Solutions for the Public Good

  • Strategic planning with citizen involvement and local leaders
  • Community assessment and tourism development
  • Marketing plans and market assessments
  • Economic impact studies
  • Rural tourism positioning and development


  • Social equity for all citizens to benefit from tourism
  • Conservation and protection of cultural, heritage and natural resources
  • Support of local, small businesses
  • Travel and smarter energy and transportation choices

Nature-based Tourism

  • Partnership programs with federal, state, and local land management agencies (BLM, Forest Service, NPS, State Parks, etc.)
  • Planning for reduced-impact tourism and recreation in natural areas
  • Stakeholder involvement and community-centered stewardship
  • Intersection of tourism and the conservation of flora, fauna, and landscapes

Technology Applications

  • Social media and the future of tourism advertising
  • Travel consumer decision making and purchasing on mobile devices


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