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Eunhye Grace Kim

Eunhye Grace Kim is a Ph.D. student in the School of Community Resources and Development. She holds an MBA in hospitality with a focus on event leadership, and a bachelor of political science in journalism and communication. Her working experience includes administration and event management at National University, government office, and government organizations in Seoul, South Korea and Providence, Rhode Island. She works as a teaching assistant and a research assistant at ASU. She holds a teaching assistantship for TDM and CRD classes and provides guest lectures in the courses. Also, she is involved in several research projects including funded projects such as Marketing and Economic Impact study for Wickenburg, Heard Museum study, Phoenix Botanical Garden study, Visit Phoenix project, and Korean Restaurants Performance Index Development project, etc. Her research interests include sustainable destination branding with MICE tourism and Heritage tourism. She expects to conduct extensive research on related issues of her interests while she works on her dissertation. She can be reached at

Seojin Lee

Seojin Lee is a doctoral candidate in the School of Community Resources and Development. She holds MBA with a concentration in marketing from Louisiana State University. Prior to graduate schools, she spent ten years in destination marketing at the Korea National Tourism Organization where she developed professional experiences in convention management and online marketing. Her research focuses on consumer behaviors and service design/experiences in tourism. She is particularly interested in applying information and communications technology to the tourism industry and designing tourist experiences to foster community benefits and sustainability practices.


Jada Lindblom

Jada Lindblom is a doctoral candidate in the School of Community Resources and Development. She received her bachelor of arts degree in environmental studies from Scripps College and went on to work several years as an outdoor guide and educator in Alaska, Hawaii, and other western states. She completed her Master of Science degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism in 2013 at the University of Utah, focusing on Sustainable Tourism. She has broad experience working in the nonprofit sector, including managing a legal education association and most recently, promoting the preservation and adaptive use of historic buildings. Her rural New England upbringing has continually inspired and informed her interests in conservation, land use planning, and place attachment. Jada's current interests focus on the effects of tourism on host communities in post-war and post-disaster regions. Jada is currently a research assistant at Arizona State University’s Center for Sustainable Tourism. She can be reached at


Kim Pham

Kim Pham, from Vietnam, is a second year Ph.D. student in the School of Community Resources and Development. She achieved an M.S. degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism at the University of Missouri. Before coming to the USA for graduate study, Kim worked for several years as Travel Consultant, Sales Manager, and Product Executive with travel agents in her country. She also worked as Pro-poor Tourism Project Officer for an international non-profit organization, helping ethnic people in Ha Giang province to develop home-stay services and other ecological, community-based tourism products. Kim has great interest in sustainable tourism and community development through tourism. Kim’s current research interests include sustainable practices in tourism, impacts of tourism, tourism planning and implementation, destination marketing, travel planning, tourist behavior, and customer service. She can be reached at


Connor Clark

Connor Clark is a first year doctoral student in the School of Community Resources and Development and a researcher at the Center for Sustainable Tourism. Prior to beginning his doctoral education, Connor received a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University in Latin American Studies and a Master of Science from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Global Management. His prior professional experience includes working in both the private and public sectors in areas of leadership, consulting, mentoring, sales, and marketing. Connor has a passion for economic empowerment and tourism. This passion is reflected in his previous work experience in Peru where he led efforts to secure a contract with the nation’s largest bank and thus allow SME bank customers to receive a quality business education. Connor also has a profound interest in tourism as an economic opportunity for communities and as a tool to share, enjoy, and protect natural and cultural resources. Connor’s research interests include community-based and small business tourism development, destination marketing, conservation, nature-based tourism, and best business practices for the tourism sector. You can reach Connor at


Recent CST Graduates:

Lana Olsen, Ph.D. received her Ph.D. in Community Resources and Development in May 2018. Her dissertation focused on international volunteer and host community engagement in a volunteer tourism youth education program in Moshi, Tanzania. Prior to receiving her doctoral degree, she graduated with her Master of Advanced Study in Sustainable Tourism degree from ASU in August 2014 after conducting her advanced project at the Musical Instrument Museum. During her tenure as graduate student, she worked as a research analyst for the Center for Sustainable Tourism (CST), and graduate assistant for the School of Community Resources and Development. Currently she is Faculty Research Associate for the CST, Founder and Curriculum Specialist for, and Co-founder and Consultant for Novetics, an educational consulting business. You may reach her at

Maya Azzi, M.S. received her Master's of Science in Community Resources and Development in May 2017 with a focus in sustainable tourism development. Her thesis investigated mindfulness and traveler intention in regards to sustainable tourism, focusing on Sedona, Arizona. Her undergraduate degree was in environmental biology at Radford University. Upon graduating, Maya served as Rural Program Coordinator for Local First Arizona before moving to Tucson to work for University of Arizona's Science, Engineering, and Math Scholars (ASEMS) program. You can reach her at

Kari Roberg, M.S. works as Research Manager at the Arizona Office of Tourism, supporting Arizona tourism businesses and communities through travel. She graduated from ASU's School of Community Resources and Development masters program in May 2017, during which time she worked as a Research Assistant at ASU's Center for Sustainable Tourism. While there she researched business involvement with sustainable tourism practices, and community development through tourism in Arizona. Originally from the Chicago area, she has over ten years of experience in destination marketing at the city and county level, including managing visitor services, social media, and research. Her tourism industry experience also includes front desk management and tour services at a concessionaire of the National Park Service. She holds a bachelor of science degree in recreation, sport and tourism, with an emphasis on tourism management, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Reach Kari at

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