Partnership for Community Development

Our mission is to inspire and empower citizens of all ages to engage in continuous learning, which - through conversations and synchronized action with neighbors and organizations - builds relationships, counters social challenges, and increases quality of life in communities in the United States and around the world.

project spotlight:

Redfields to Greenfields is a nation-wide initiative to transform vacant lots in major American cities into a financially-sustainable and resident-friendly open spaces.

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What's the meaning of "community" in our name?

In the School of Community Resources and Development we are all about community.

Accelerated BS/MS (3+2) Program for Students from our Partner Universities in China

Students from our partner universities in China can complete their Bachelor degrees from their home universities in China and go on to complete their Master of Science degree in Community Resources and Development at ASU. Students usually spend two years at ASU. This program is currently open to applicants from Southeast University. 

Community Resources & Development, PhD

The Ph.D. program is a university-wide interdisciplinary degree. The core faculty engaged in this program is housed in the School of Community Resources and Development (SCRD) at the Downtown Phoenix campus. The faculty is comprised of diverse individuals with a broad range of scholarly expertise and leadership abilities in the primary areas of study.

Community Resources and Development, M.S.

The Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Community Resources and Development is offered by the School of Community Resources and Development at ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus. The degree prepares students to analyze and understand critical topics and issues pertinent to the four emphasis areas encompassed by the program.

Nonprofit Leadership and Management, MNLM

Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management 

The Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management degree is intended for professionals who work in or desire to work in the nonprofit sector. The program provides an opportunity to obtain an advanced degree that addresses the unique character of nonprofit organizations and the social sector.

Sustainable Tourism, MST

The master of sustainable tourism degree is a unique and innovative new program that addresses the growing demand for tourism professionals who are trained in applying the three pillars of sustainability to tourism development.

Please note that all courses are offered as online format only.

B.S./M.S. Accelerated Program

B.S./M.S. Accelerated Program

The accelerated B.S./M.S. program allows up to nine credit hours of graduate-level coursework to be taken as electives during the senior year which can be applied to both the B.S. degree and the M.S. degree.

Tourism Development & Management, BS

According to both the World Tourism Organization (WTO), and the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC) the travel and tourism industry is the largest industry and employer in the world. Upon completion of your degree you will possess a sound theoretical understanding of the comprehensive study of tourism.