Our projects

The Global Community Development Partnership (GCDP) 


Partnering with the Arizona State University Partnership for Community Development, Fen Chia University in Taiwan, and Bell Care Learning Lab in Arizona, The Global Development Partnership initiative (GCDP) has a mission to build lasting relationships and encourage innovations that will counter social challenges through global partnerships. The main purpose of this initiative is to provide a global platform to incubate creative ideas, reciprocal networking, exchange of resources, and facilitate international partnerships to increase community capacity building. More information: article "ASU student fosters connections with Taiwan Pilot Tour and International Forum project" and document Image removed. GCDP_Program.pdf


Foothills Community Needs Assessment


In this project, the PCD collaborated with the Foothills Community Foundation (FCF), a regional non-profit organization that serves Cave Creek, Carefree, North Scottsdale, and Northeast Phoenix. To better serve the communities, FCF wanted to understand current community needs so resources could be used efficaciously. This collaboration provided a unique opportunity to flip the current paradigm through changing the roll of the contractor as the “expert” to one of a co-creator. Community residents were trained and conducted the interview and focus group Assessments. Findings from the needs assessment are included in the Image removed. Final report.pdf.


ASU - Salvation Army Partnerships 


Residents and staff of the Salvation Army Laura Danieli Senior Activity Center in downtown Phoenix are designing ways to engage ASU Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions' students, classes, staff, and faculty to revitalize the center. Accomplishments include special events management, creation of a technical center for residents, and fundraising experiences. Working with our colleagues from Dublin City University, we published the article "The Benefits of Intergenerational Learning in Higher Education" that drew experiences from the ASU - Salvation Army partnership.


We Are Downtown


An organic community-based program to capture the voices of diverse communities in the core downtown area, and to inform ASU students and faculty in matters of pedagogy, research and service activities that would be more responsive to the needs of the community. The downtown community is driving the process. Watch our film here. View and download our chapbook: Image removed. we-are-downtown-chapbook.pdf 


Balsz Community Scan: The Story of Our Community

In Fall of 2011, ASU’s Partnership for Community Development (PCD entered into a collaboration with Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW) to conduct a community scan to inform the Balsz Promise Neighborhood initiative. The vision of the Balsz Promise Neighborhood initiative is to create “a comprehensive and seamless cradle to college to career continuum to improve educational and developmental outcomes for the children and youth of the community.” These three reports (Part A, B, & C), prologue, and epilogue contain the story of this community its community conversations, reflections, assets, and vitals signs (Download our reports here). We have also published articles about the project in academic journals: "A story about storytelling" and "Where is the place for jazz in community development?"


Redfields to Greenfields

Redfields to Greenfields is a nation-wide initiative to transform vacant lots in major American cities into a financially-sustainable and resident-friendly open spaces. PCD collaborated with the Speedwell Foundation, the City of Phoenix, and Virginia Tech on plans to strengthen the provision of parks and connectors in Phoenix. Our team contributed to the design of the booklet Transforming a Desert City. Professors Richard Knopf and Dale Larsen from the School of Community Resources and Development are also featured in Redfields to Greenfields Phoenix promotional video.


Transforming the Lives of Individuals and Families in Arizona

The Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Service Integration - The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) has embarked on a journey of innovation that seeks to revolutionize the way social services are structured and delivered to better serve Arizona children, adults, and families. This process, called the Breakthrough Series Collaborative (BSC), engaged 20 teams throughout the state of Arizona to incubate new ideas and test their feasibility. As project evaluator, the Partnership for Community Development has issued three reports that document 105 innovations and breakthroughs created by Arizona social service practitioners. The PCD is serving as technical advisor to the DES as it seeks to infuse the 105 innovations throughout the DES organization, as well as in communities throughout Arizona.  


Sun City Festival Legacy Leadership Institute

Mobilizing residents of this active adult community to utilize their areas of expertise, expand their leadership skills, and act upon their volunteer spirit to help build capacity for non-profit organizations and strengthen social service systems throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area (University of Maryland, United Way). 


Litchfield Park Assessment

Working with the City of Litchfield Park to assess the role of a recreation/community center in building a sense of community and meeting life quality needs of residents. The PCD is engaging residents in focus group discussions to explore their vision for the future of the Litchfield Park Recreation Center and its role in bringing together community members of all ages (City of Litchfield Park). 


Maryvale Project

Partnering with the ASU Center for Violence Prevention on a powerful project to address the many manifestations of violence and explore the pathways of hope to overcoming these aspects of violence within the Maryvale community. This project will focus on combining the existing social capital (assets, gifts, and talents) of residents with innovative, promising practices of civic engagement that will help to increase life quality in Maryvale (ASU Center for Violence Prevention). 


Eloy Strategic Planning

Providing strategic planning and facilitation services for the Eloy City Council to determine its vision, issues, challenges, strategic priorities, and action planning processes for the future.(City of Eloy). 


West Valley Human Services Alliance

Founding partner and continuing participation in a multi-sector partnership formed within the West Valley to identify human services needs and issues, develop collaborative plans and implement effective change. As one of many partners in the Alliance, the PCD provides facilitation and expertise on community development and planning (Maricopa Association of Governments, Arizona Department of Economic Security, Valley of the Sun United Way, Quality of Life Community Services, and many more). 


West Valley Resource Coalition

Founding partner and continuing participation in a multi-sector partnership focused on providing networking and monthly capacity-building workshops for West Valley human services organizations. As one of four organizing agencies for the Coalition, the PCD provides facilitation and access to speakers within the ASU system (Valley of the Sun United Way, Quality of Life Community Services, Southwest Community Network). 

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Anthem Legacy Leadership Institute

Providing leadership training for community development, community governance, and human services infrastructure development in a rapidly developing planned community (Pulte Homes, University of Maryland, UPS Foundation). 


Arizona Department of Economic Security

Security Service Integration developing a prototype for structural change in service delivery for the state's largest agency, and developing models for integrating faith communities, non-profits, and other governmental agencies in responding to human service needs (Arizona Department of Economic Security, Casey Family Programs).


Verrado Leadership Academy

Working with Verrado community residents to provide a vision for life quality development in this "new town" community. Community leaders are trained in community empowerment methodologies, and in the process for diagnosing community health. (DMB Associates)


Verrado Leadership Academy (Teen Leadership)

Implementing a social science framework for developing leadership skills among Verrado teens. Identifying personal gifts/talents of teens, and targeting these assets to community development both within Verrado and throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. (DMB Associates) 


Wickenburg Community Assessment

Working with the Town of Wickenburg to create a roadmap for economic and life quality development in a way that preserves the values that are historically important to town residents. The PCD conducted a community needs assessment exploring the assets, challenges, perceptions and visions of Wickenburg residents. (Wellik Foundation) 

other projects:

  • City of Surprise Tourism Development - working with business leaders, city planners, and recreation, culture and arts organizations to develop tourism potential of a rapidly developing metropolitan area. (City of Surprise, Arizona).
  • Community for All Ages Initiative - weaving inter-generational and inter-cultural community identity through the use of the arts (City of El Mirage, Arizona Community Foundation).
  • Domestic Violence Project - quantifying the social and economic costs of domestic violence in Maricopa County (Maricopa Association of Governments).
  • FireStar Fund Neighborhood Development Project - community action planning for Phoenix Council District 5 Fight Back Neighborhood (Valley of the Sun United Way, United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association, City of Phoenix, Stardust Foundation).
  • Helping Hands for Single Moms - building non-profit organizational capacity for single working poor mothers to achieve college education through mentoring programs, housing support, and financial assistance.
  • Lifelong Learning Programs - assisting in the incubation and management of a diverse array of lifelong learning programs in Sun City Grand, Sun City West, Sun City, Sun City Festival, Sun City Merrill Ranch, Vistancia communities, and Verrado (Pulte Homes, Sunbelt Holdings, DMB Associates, Sun City West Property Owners Association, Sun City Recreation centers, Inc.)
  • Stories of El Mirage - weaving together inter-generational and inter-cultural community identity through the use of the arts. Local artists, teen moms, and seniors participated in art projects, an exhibition of their artwork, social activities, and the creation of a documentary film capturing the rich history of the El Mirage community. (Arizona Community Foundation, El Mirage Senior Center, Dysart High School, Rio Mirage Cafe Y Cantina)
  • Town of Buckeye - partnering with the ASU Global Institute for Sustainability to provide issues-based forums to fuse university and community interests in this rapidly developing community (ASU Global Institute for Sustainability).
  • West Valley Scan - providing regional planning expertise in the human services related arenas of transportation, education, community development, and health, wellness, and safety. (West Valley Human Services Alliance, Arizona Department of Economic Security, Valley of the Sun United Way, Stardust Foundation)
  • West Valley Human Service Network for Low Income and Homeless Populations - facilitating non-profit, government, and faith community focus on West Valley homelessness and working poor populations (Quality of Life Community Services, First United Methodist Church of Glendale).