Tourism and recreation management, B.S.

The travel and tourism industry is the largest industry and employer in the world. Along with recreation, sports and other leisure-oriented enterprises, there is significant employment potential for graduates with opportunities in most communities or regions. This program is appropriate for students starting as freshmen as well as for transfer students.

Risk, discomfort draw Americans to Cuba

People on a street in Havana, Cuba

Risk, discomfort draw Americans to Cuba

Conventional wisdom would say that the people most likely to travel abroad are those who find it enjoyable, pleasant, or fascinating.

CST - Funded Research

Center of Sustainable Tourism Funded Research 

Careers in community development

What can you do with a degree in tourism, parks and recreation, community sports management or nonprofit leadership? Learn more from people in the field. 

Nonmajor Internships

NLM/TDM/PRM Nonmajor Internship Directions

Submit all the required forms according to the directions ensuring all the necessary information, dates, and signatures are completed. THESE STEPS ARE FOR HALF TIME INTERNSHIPS ONLY. IF YOU ARE IN TOURISM, COMMUNITY SPORTS, PARKS AND REC OR NONPROFIT MAJORS APPLY IN THE SENIOR INTENRSHIP LINK. For more information please contact

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