School of Community Resources and Development

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For more information about our work, please contact Dr. Richard Knopf

Partnership for Community Development

our mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower citizens of all ages to engage in continuous learning, which - through conversations and synchronized action with neighbors and organizations - builds relationships, counters social challenges, and increases quality of life in communities in the United States and around the world.

our philosophy

We believe that communities are most successful in creating their ideal living conditions when they utilize their own resources and mobilize engagement among their stakeholders. By working together, people and organizations can discover new solutions in synergy. We also value the interdependence of theory and practice. In our projects we utilize findings of state-of-the-art community development research. At the same time, as a university center, we deliberately work towards sharing the lessons we have learned with a broader audience of academics and practitioners. We hold as key tenet of our work a drive to inspire communities to proceed on a journey of learning, discovery, and civic engagement and to support them on their pathways to success.