Nonprofit Leadership & Management, BS

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Lynne Cody, Manager, Student Services

Olya Lykhvar, Retention Coordinator

The Nonprofit Leadership & Management major is a program within the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) in which students are eligible for reduced tuition.  The Nonprofit Leadership and Management program will empower you through coursework and co-curricular experiences to help you become a successful professional who positively impacts the community in which you work. By completing the undergraduate program, you may also earn national certification from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance which will prepare you to lead and strengthen nonprofit organizations.

The nonprofit sector in the United States is unique in form and function with more than 1.9 million organizations in the U.S. The Arizona nonprofit sector also is experiencing robust growth with more than 29,000 registered nonprofits and more than 1,500 new nonprofits formed yearly. Upon completion of the degree, you will understand the unique aspect of the social, political, economic, and philanthropic factors related to the nonprofit sector.  In addition, you will possess the knowledge, skills, and competencies specific to the field of nonprofit leadership and management.  The foundation competencies include aspects such as communication skills, personal attributes, historical and philosophical foundations, and youth/adult development theories.  The professional development competencies include board/committee development, fundraising principles and practices, human resource development and supervision, nonprofit accounting and financial management, nonprofit marketing, and risk management.

During your undergraduate program, you may also earn a Certificate Nonprofit Professional (CNP) through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics), which will prepare you to lead and strengthen nonprofit organizations.  This is a 30 credit hour national certification program awarded through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

NLM Bachelor of Science




The academic programs in Nonprofit Leadership & Management prepare students for professional positions in a variety of nonprofits in Arizona, nationally and abroad.