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Nonmajor Internships Only

NLM/TDM/PRM Internship Directions

Submit all the required forms according to the directions ensuring all the necessary information, dates, and signatures are completed. THESE STEPS ARE FOR 3 CREDIT INTERNSHIPS ONLY NOT THE FINAL SENIOR INTENRSHIP. For more information please contact SCRD@asu.edu

1.  Please make sure you are signed out of all gmail accounts.

2.  Submit All Required Internship Documents Elecronically

 Non-major internship Applicaiton only 

All documents must be submitted electornically, https://goo.gl/forms/c1uPXLEj6uohl0Nt2. Directions on how to complete each document in the packet are listed below. Please review each step to ensure you are completing it correctly.


3.  Educational Agreement

Microsoft Office document icon General Part Time Educational Agreement 
Microsoft Office document icon TR Practicum Educational Agreement 


The quality of the internship – both the degree of professional experience gained by students and the quality of work they perform – is impacted by the plans made and recorded in the Educational Agreement.  The Educational Agreement provides the framework that ensures everyone is on the same page and working together as the student progresses toward completing the requirements needed for graduation.


1. With the exception of the student’s and Agency Internship Supervisor’s signature, this form must be typed and should be completed by the student with, or after, consultation with the Agency Internship Supervisor. 

 2. Section A - All information related to the Agency Internship Supervisor must be for the student’s on-site supervisor.  If for some reason there is a need to change the Agency Internship Supervisor before or during the internship experience the Student Educational Agreement must be resubmitted to reflect the change in the Agency Internship Supervisor.

3.  Section B - The student’s overall internship responsibilities should be listed in this section.


  • Develop and maintain all social media.
  • Recruit, train and supervise special event volunteers
  • Attend and participate in all weekly staff meetings
  • Coordinate and organize all equipment and supplies for special events
  • Answer all electronic and other correspondence from constituents.
  • Inform the Agency Internship Supervisor of any and all incidents and problems. 

4.  Section C – Experience Parameters

a.  Beginning and End dates of the internship - The beginning date of all internships is the on the first Monday of semester classes.  

b.  Work schedule – This is a general work schedule and it is recognized that the students weekly hours may vary based on agency needs.  

c.  Holiday and sick leave arrangements – This should specify recognized agency holidays (i.e. Fourth of July, 2 days for Thanksgiving, etc.) as well as any other planned and agreed upon time off (i.e. 4 days to attend sister's wedding in Las Vegas).  The agency policy in case of illness or emergency should be specified (i.e. the student should notify their supervisor by email/phone prior to the scheduled work hours).

d.  Compensation/remuneration – Any hourly wage, salary, stipend, bonus, personal vehicle use reimbursement, housing, etc. provided to the student should be specified.

e.  Student and Supervisor meetings – How often the student and Agency Internship Supervisor will formally meet to discuss the student’s progress should be specified (i.e. every Friday, every other Friday, immediately following the weekly staff meeting).

f.  Other requirements/arrangements to be made – This section should specify the requirement and responsible party (i.e. the student will successfully complete Red Cross First Aid certification at the Agency’s expense, the student will be required to have a criminal background check conducted at their expense).

5.  Section D - Student Agreement – The student should type in their name in the provided space and read the agreement. 

6.  Section E – Agency Internship Supervisor Agreement – The student should type in their on-site Supervisor’s name.

7.  After completing all the required sections the student should print out one copy, sign and date Section D in the space provided.  Have his/her Agency Internship Supervisor sign and date Section E in the space provided.


4.  Student Placement Agreement or Paid Internship Agreement


The “Student Placement Agreement” for unpaid internships or the "Paid Internship Agreement" for paid internships is a required agreement between Arizona State University and the Internship Agency.   This form will be sent to the agency supervisor for electronic signature.  You as a student do not need to do anything here. Just let your supervisor know they will be receiving an email requesting their electronic signature.

CAUTION:  Under no circumstances will an internship be approved without the Internship Agency’s willingness to complete this form.   The Agency may require the Student Placement Agreement or Paid Internship Agreement form to be reviewed by their legal counsel and this can take some time. 


5.  Internship Course Override

Once your packet is submitted elecronically you will receive an email confirmation giving you access to TDM/NLM/CSM/PRM 484 Intership Course and you will also recieve the list of internship requriments.