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Assistant Professor
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Nicholas Wise joins ASU after working abroad since 2012. Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Nicholas completed his Bachelor’s degree at Lock Haven University (2006) and Master’s at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2008). In 2012 he received his PhD at Kent State University in Ohio. For his PhD research he conducted an ethnographic study residing with Haitians in a remote village in the Dominican Republic studying sport, contested identities and (informal) events. Nicholas has travelled extensively in 100 countries as a student, an instructor, for research/fieldwork, to present at conferences, as a volunteer and for leisure, inspiring him to conduct internationally focused research and to edit collections bringing together a range of international perspectives. His current research focuses on placemaking, competitiveness, social regeneration and community impacts, conducting work across the areas of sport, events and tourism. He brings an international perspective to his teaching informed by scholarly research focusing on the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Serbia and Italy. He has published across several disciplines and collaborates with colleagues across a number of academic disciplines. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (now AdvanceHE).


Ph.D., Human Geography, 2012, Kent State University

Dissertation Title: Layering Senses of Place in the Sport Landscape: Emergent Representations of Identity in a Haitian and Dominican Community


M.A., Geography, 2008, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

International Field Studies/Internship: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cyprus


Postgraduate Certificate, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, 2017, Liverpool John Moores University


B.S., Geography, 2006, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

Minors: Anthropology and International Studies

Semesters Abroad:

Spring 2006: Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia)

Fall 2005: The College of St. Mark and St. John (Plymouth, England)

Spring 2005: Beijing Technology and Business University (Beijing, China)

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Journal Articles

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