Recent Student Awards and Accomplishments

Kari Roberg, master's student
John and Joan Markham Tourism Marketing Award 2016 Recipient
Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA)

Lana Olsen, Ph.D. student
Tourism Cares Graduate Research Scholarship 2016 Recipient
Tourism Cares

Virginia Miller, undergraduate
Meredith Travel Marketing Scholarship 2016 Recipient
U.S. Travel Association

Seojin Lee, Ph.D. student
2018 J. Desmond Slattery Award for Dissertation Research
Travel and Tourism Research Association

Brady Schmitt, undergraduate
2018 Meredith Travel Marketing Scholarship
Meredith Corporation


July 20, 2017 - A team of scholars from ASU's School of Community Resources and Development has been collaborating with the Bureau of Land Management Price (UT) Field Office to offer Utah high school students a hands-on archaeology experience this

Arizona State University’s graduation ceremonies coincide with a weeklong celebration of one of Arizona’s biggest industries: tourism. 

April 17, 2017 - The Center for Sustainable Tourism has joined an expert array of Utah-based partners to offer unique, hands-on public archaeology volunteer projects in Nine Mile Canyon, Utah the fall of 2017.

April 11, 2017 - Dr. Christine Vogt and research assitant Jada Lindblom presented on the topic of valley tourism aligned with sustainability goals at the Sustainable Communities Collaborative (SCC) meeting in Phoenix.

April 7, 2017 - Three graduate students and three faculty members representing ASU and the Center for Sustainable Tourism traveled to Reno, NV for the annual meeting of the Greater Western Chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association.

March 27, 2017 - Tourism master's students and research assistants Kari Roberg and Maya Azzi, who have been with the Center since the fall of 2015, have both accepted job offers to work with impactful Arizona-based organizations.

March 26, 2017 - Recent tourism research and accomplishments, as well as developments in related areas of study, are discussed in this annual report.

February 15, 2017 - Center director and tourism professor Christine Vogt spoke with Steve Goldstein on Phoenix's KJZZ 91.5 about how trip planning is changing as people adopt new technologies.

Center director Christine Vogt to speak at TED Talks-inspired event "Public Service Impact Talks: Real Solutions to Real Problems" at the Downtown Phoenix ASU campus.

To create a regional tourism destination, the Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition formed a partnership of community leaders and residents working w

December, 2016 -  Vogt was named to the committee, organized by the State of Arizona and Arizona State Parks at the conclusion of 2016. She joins ten others from outdoor industries and associations to serve in an advisory capacity.

December 3, 2016 -  Center researchers Jada Lindblom and Lana Olsen presented the early stages of research studies during the college-wide program.

News Archive

Passion for travel garners national award
Virginia Miller was chosen as the 2016 Meredith Travel Marketing Scholar. 

Is Scottsdale the new Vegas? it could be getting there as Valley tourism recovers (KJZZ) 
Kathleen Andereck says there has been a steady increase of visitors to the Valley over the last five years and those tourists are traveling longer distances to get here. 

At centennial, National Park Service Seeks a balance
100 years ago, Congrees passed the act that created the National Park Service. The agency has to balance preservation along with access in a sustainable way. To face that challenge, it relies on research to guide decision-making. Among the researchers that have helped lead efforts are Megha Budruk, Dave White and Christine Vogt.

Why tourists love borders
To some, borders are a line on a map. To tourism researchers such as Dallen Timothy, borders offer a fascinating insight into economic development, culture and politics.

7 tips for a sustainable vacation
Christine Vogt, director of the Center for Sustainable Tourism, offers tips on how to make responsible choices without giving up the fun. 

Paintbrushes to Pruners: Tourism Professionals with a Purpose
A research paper authored by Christine Vogt, Kathleen Andereck and Lana Olsen in the School of Community Resources and Development was one of the top three finalist papers at the International Travel and Tourism Association Conference.

Budruk named to Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Commission
Megha Budruk, associate professor in the School of Community Resources and Development, has been named by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to serve a two-year at large appointment. 

Sisters' Zika concerns put a cloud over Carribean getaway
Christine Vogt talks to the Omaha World-Herald about how Zika may affect tourism. 

My Turn: Arizona tourism is about to have an epic year
More visitors are coming to Arizona and that means more revenue for the state. 

How big is tourism's impact on Arizona?
Christine Vogt talks with KJZZ about the impact of tourism on the state and economy. 

Cultivating sustainable tourism in Vietnam
How do you develop tourism in a sustainable manner? Faculty in the School of Community Resources & Development were busy doing just that this summer as they traveled to Vietnam to cultivate sustainable tourism growth and educational opportunities.