Graduate advising

The school does not approve late drops or withdrawals. Please follow the academic calendar deadlines:
The process for Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals in Watts College are outline here:


Ground Programs: Community Resources and Development MS and PhD programs contact


Online Programs:

Nonprofit Leadership and Management, MNLM and Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

Sustainable Tourism, MST

Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development Certificate



Graduate Forms:



 Community Resources and Development, MS

2022-23, MS

2021-22, MS

2020-21 MS 

2018-19 MS 

2019-20 MS


Community Resources and Development, PhD

2022-23, PhD

2021-22 PhD

2020-21 PhD

2019-20 PhD

2018-19 PhD


Nonprofit Leadership and Management, MNLM

2022-23, MNLM

2021-22, MNLM

2020-21, MNLM

2019-20, MNLM

2018-19, MNLM

Sustainable Tourism, MST

2022-23, MST

2021-22, MST

2020-21, MST

2019-20, MST 

2018-19, MST