Exploring the Great Barrier Reef

Matt Cernik says that growing up in the Sonoran desert, he never really thought he would see things like the Great Barrier Reef.

But, after graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in tourism development and management with a focus on sustainable tourism, Cernik is not only seeing sights in Australia, he is helping others enjoy.

Cernik found a job with Passions of Paradise, which hosts dive, sail and snorkel tours from Cairns.

He says that he “loves every day of work,” and is finding that much of what he is learning translates to his passion for tourism.

“When people go on holiday, they just want to let loose,” he said in a radio interview with ABC Far North.

Through Passions of Paradise, he is able to show off the unique destinations in Australia, but also help educate tourists on environmental issues.

Learn more about Cernik’s work in the ABC Far North interview.

Photo: Paul Toogood/Creative Commons