Community sports management, B.S.

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The community sports management degree focuses on the many roles recreational and amateur sports play within a community as a mechanism to contribute to quality of life, domestically and abroad. Emphasis is on the role of sports in youth development; the role of sports organizations and programs in community development; the impact of sports tourism and multisport events on community development; and the role of sports in delivery of nonprofit agency services. Both a program and a managerial emphasis will be targeted, with an emphasis on delivery of services across the lifespan. Some specific areas of opportunity include work with youth sports, adaptive sports, sports events, sports tourism and sports clubs.

CSM Bachelor of Science

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The academic program of community sports management prepare students for professional positions in a variety of public, private and nonprofit organizations. Numerous opportunities are available in community sports. Community sports programs are part of many nonprofit organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the YMCA or YWCA. Also prevalent are city parks and recreation programs that include youth and adult sports as well as clubs and organizations that focus on youth sports. Sports tourism organizations are part of many communities. Many cities and nonprofit organizations offer sports events, youth sports tournaments (including international and multisport events), and adaptive or therapeutic sports programs produced by organizations such as Special Olympics, Wounded Warriors Project and Daring Adventures (known for its River Rampage program). Though the focus of this program is not on professional sports management, there are employment opportunities with organizations such as these in areas like event management and facility management.