Center faculty Kathleen Andereck and Christine Vogt speak to new legislators at Arizona Legislative Academy

School of Community Resources and Development

January 5, 2017 - ASU Community Resources and Development (CRD) faculty were invited to speak to new Arizona legislators on the topic of the state's tourism industry, its economic potential, and related sustainability issues. Professors Kathleen Andereck, director of the School of Community Resources and Development, and Christine Vogt, Director of the Center for Sustainable Tourism, represented CRD tourism faculty at the event. Legislators attending the academy hailed from a wide range of districts and the talk also reflected this geographic diversity. Other CRD faculty to speak at the event included Dale Larson and Dave White, who presented on the topic of Arizona federal lands, particularly national parks, monuments and memorials managed by the Department of the Interior. The multi-day forum for education and training covered a broad range of topics most pertinent to Arizona's social, economic, and environmental wellbeing.