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Master of Nonprofit Studies - TUCSON

The Master of Nonprofit Studies (MNpS) degree program in Tucson is intended for professionals who work in or desire to work in the nonprofit sector. The program provides an opportunity to obtain an advanced degree that addresses the unique character of nonprofit organizations and the social sector. Students interested in nonprofit management and social sector organizations explore research, theory, and the practice of management and leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Lead change. Pursue your master’s degree in nonprofit studies in Tucson.


The Master of Nonprofit Studies (MNpS) degree program will prepare you to address the unique needs of nonprofit organizations and the social sector. You will explore research, theory and the practice of management. Through the coursework, you will gain leadership skills and knowledge of human resources (paid and volunteer), fundraising, program evaluation, fiscal management and governance. Your capstone project at the end of your course of study is integrative and case-based, enabling you to synthesize material from your coursework.

The program is offered both on campus and online. A typical course of study is two years.

Master of Nonprofit Studies, Tucson coursework requirements 2013-2014

The MNpS includes 33 credit hours. Each course, including the capstone, is three credit hours. Course of study:


NLM 510
The Nonprofit Sector       
on campus
NLM 520 
Financial and Resource Management
on campus
NLM 562 Social Entrepreneurship online


NLM 545    Volunteer Resource Management
  on campus

NLM 540    Strategic Human Resources Management   online

NLM 550    Philanthropy


NLM 530
   Program Evaluation and Information Management
   on campus
NLM 565    Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations    online
NLM 572    Community and Social Innovations    online


NLM 570
  International Nongovernmental Organizations online
NLM 620   Capstone: Integrative Seminar
on campus

admission requirements and application process

Applications to the MNpS program are accepted twice yearly.  Applications are due October 1st for spring semester and March 1st for summer or fall semester.  It is best to apply well before the start of the semester in which you would like to begin your studies.

  • Apply for admission to the Graduate College. There is an online application where you will submit all your information. You will be required to pay a $70 nonrefundable application fee (non-U.S. citizen fee is $90). You will receive an e-mailed acknowledgement letter from the Graduate College that will include an ID number and information on how to access your My ASU page. You may check your application status on My ASU. 
  • You must have a bachelor's degree with a minimum grade point average equivalent to a "B" (3.0) average. Official transcripts for all graduate and undergraduate work must be submitted to the Graduate College in sealed envelopes, stamped and verified by the issuing institutions.
  • Send transcripts to: Arizona State University  Graduate College Admissions Administration B-Wing, Room 170  PO Box 871003  Tempe, Arizona 85287-1003.
  • In the online application process, you will be required to submit a written professional statement describing your purpose in pursuing the master's degree and your nonprofit experience. 
  • In addition, a current resume will be required outlining your previous professional and volunteer activities.
  • The GRE is not required for this program.
  • The online application will require three letters of recommendation from current or former employers, current or former faculty members, or others who are familiar with your scholarly and professional abilities and characteristics. You will need the name, email address, title, and organization from whom you will be requesting recommendations. Your three recommenders will be e-mailed a link to complete an online recommendation form. 
  • International students should also submit TOEFL scores - TOEFL institution code: 4007.  See additional details for international students. 
  • You must provide proof of Measles Immunization before attending classes.

Please note: Because ASU receives applications from many highly qualified students, some applicants may be denied admission for reasons not related to their academic performance (e.g., program capacity, mentor availability, program match).

You may start your application now by going to the Graduate College website.


Carlton Yoshioka, graduate program director

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